JustForTravelers and/or its advertising partners and network affiliates are committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. The following statement details our ongoing support for the responsible collection and management of Internet user information.

Internet User Information

Justfortravelers.com respects your privacy.

We will never rent or sell your email address to any third parties. We will never send you third-party solicitations. We will protect your email address and promptly honor all unsubscribe requests.

Justfortravelers.com does receive certain information about our users, through visits and/or through the processes of registration with this site. This latter category of information is generally referred to as non-personally-identifiable information, whichincludes information like the server or internet service provider you use, type of browser used during the visit to our site, pages visited on our website, and general statistics.

There are some cases where you, the Internet user, may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a particular ad, or by originating an email to through our main Email address or through registration with this site. In such cases,Justfortravelers.com (or a third party working with Justfortravelers.com) may collect this information on behalf of an advertiser. The advertiser in turn uses this information to reply to your request.

Furthermore, Justfortravelers.com does not divulge any information regarding the users who use email for correspondence with the webmaster or any administrator of Justfortravelers.com..

Justfortravelers.com will never sell any of your personal information, such as email address, to any third parties.

For inquires regarding this privacy policy, please forward to the following email, with the subject line: "Privacy Policy Inquiry":

admin @ justfortravelers.com